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Things to see and do on the Côtes d’Armor

Sweet escapes in Northern Brittany

Cliffs in Brittany

You’ll fall head over heels for the Côtes d’Armor. As you pass through it, you’ll discover the many natural jewels of this department. Sculpted by the elements, the coast is just one these, which you can trek across along the famous Sentier des Douaniers (GR 34, Custom Officers’ Path) - a real breath of fresh air and ray of sunshine right by the sea!

With the cycling routes, whether you’re by yourself or with family, enjoy the exceptional views from the viaducts of 19th century Breton engineer Louis Harel de la Noë, which are listed sites. From Saint-Brieuc town centre (and our hotel), you can hop aboard your bike and take in the views from the Saint-Brieuc Bay over to Yffiniac.

By car or bus, you’ll perhaps be able to go further afield to Ploumanac’h and the Pink Granite Coast. If you’d rather take a boat, it’ll take just a few minutes to reach the Île de Bréhat. Coveted at different points in history by the Bretons, French, English and Spanish, this strategic island will seem more like an island of flowers thanks to the micro-climate it receives from the warm winds of the Gulf Stream that touch its shores.

Now your spirit has been lifted from the colours and smells of flowers, head towards the Plouha cliffs. Having the highest cliff walls in Brittany (reaching around 75 m), they naturally provide both a protected nesting place for thousands of birds across a many dozen species, as well as an exceptional view (Pointe de Plouha, GR 34) from Bréhat to the Cap Fréhel.

Just to the east, Dinan promises a journey “back in time in a picture postcard setting”. Discover preserved nature, cherished heritage, an ever-changing range of activities and outstanding food and drink - it really is an alluring place! You also won’t want to miss the magnificent statues of the Vallée des Saints and the pleasant banks of the Lac du Guerlédan, a natural site with deep roots in the history of Brittany and France. The Côtes d’Armor really is a wonderland worth visiting!